Ecological Building Network (EBNet) was founded in 1999 by Bruce King, a practicing structural engineer near San Francisco, California. King first became active in green building in the late 1970's, but encountered challenges in finding the information he needed to work with innovative and natural building materials. That experience, and the design of the groundbreaking Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland, California, led him in 1996 to write his first book, Buildings of Earth and Straw. By then it was already clear that a central resource for information about building with healthy, ecologically-friendly materials was much needed.

With the help of Bruce's wife, Sarah Weller King, and a board of advisors EBNet began the work of connecting the people researching and developing ecological materials -- how those materials perform and how to work with them -- with the people who were interested in putting that information to work -- designers, builders, engineers and building officals. EBNet has been working since then to provide the technical support needed for better building all over the world


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