The reviews have started flowing... in a word "FANTASTIC"

"If there is only one conference to go to in a year, make it BuildWell."

"It felt like a sneak-peek into the necessary, cutting edge change that our building industry is undergoing"

"I feel fulfilled and newly-inspired and hopeful about the world and the my personal-work role in it."

"You won't find this breadth and depth of information anywhere else. BuildWell is simply the best."

March 19-22, 2014
Cavallo Point, Sausalito, CA

Symposium on healthy, low-carbon building materials in a spectacular setting!


BuildWell is all about materials - the stuff with which we make buildings and building products. We share ideas, gain inspiration, and make connections. Join international green building leaders practicing great science, great design and great building as we forge a path to deep green architecture without all the strange chemicals and burning fossil fuels.

The perfect place to meet...

Cavallo Point lies at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, close to everything, yet away from it all, and is ranked among the top resorts in the US.  Minutes from San Francisco and Sausalito, the impeccably restored US Army base is one of the most magnificent conference settings  in California. Its beauty and LEED gold rating make it an ideal setting to gather and imagine the future.

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BuildWell 2010 participants and sponsors rated BuildWell as one of the best conferences they had ever attended

  • "It's been a wonderful investment for us... It's great to be here at the leading edge of what's going on in green materials. When they set the dates for the next one, put it on your calendar!" - Kirsten Ritchie, Gensler

  • "One of the great things about the BuildWell conference is the scale of it. It's just the right size to have real conversations with leaders in the field. It's been one of the most productive 48 hours I've spent with peers in a long time."  -Bill Walsh, Healthy Building Materials

  • "BuildWell is the best symposium I have been to in years. For me, gatherings are mostly about connections, interactions, and networking, and the program was just right: offering enough technical content to be engaging and enough philosophical discourse to be inspiring -- plus enough time between sessions to carry on meaningful conversations. I have to go back quite a few years to think of an event where I've had more fun." - Alex Wilson,, Environmental Building News

  • "Buildwell 2010 amassed an untouchable roster of speakers and participants. It offered a truly fresh view of the future, one of humans as participants in the ecology of planetary well-being." - Pliny Fisk, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

  • "Seeing so many iconic founders of thinking around new building technologies and alternative building technologies has personally been very rewarding." - Patrick Govang, e2e Materials

  • "I got so much out of this week. There was enough information for the relative newbies as well as for those who have been doing it for 30 or 40 years." - Alvin Puenteville, Timbersil Products

About BuildWell

The BuildWell concept is to host a gathering that is intimate, high-level, and focused on the materials of architecture. Not because design, systems, energy and other things don't matter -- they certainly do -- but because the stuff of building is such a rich and important subject in itself, fundamental to any discussion of energy, industry, architecture and health.

BuildWell 2010 emerged as one of the best events in memory for those who attended, and the results have been lasting and real. Among other things, BuildWell prompted Google to give three million dollars in support of transparency in labeling green building materials. This is where you can learn many new things, but more importantly meet the people who are effective innovators building a clean, low-carbon future. back to top

We need your help to make BuildWell 2014 happen

Everybody agrees that what makes BuildWell so special is the spectacular venue and the small, intimate size of the gathering. 150 of the world's green building leaders gathering in deep conversation that results in global impact. But there is a price for this specialness... the small size and world-class setting cost more than conference fees can cover. That's why we are asking the BuildWell community for help. back to top

Bring in sponsors and get a discount or full hotel-included pass

If you bring in (make contact, provide introduction, hopefully close sale) $5000 in sponsorships, get $500 off the day pass registration. Bring in $10,000 and come to BuildWell 2014 and stay at Cavallo Point with us. Or make a donation to Ecological Building Network to help with our underwriting efforts.

Registration Information

BuildWell 2014 is limited to 150 participants, so if you want to come, register soon! The spectacular setting at Cavallo Point and the small nature of the conference ensure the kinds of high-level interaction and conversation that is the hallmark of the BuildWell mission. back to top

We encourage registrants to stay with us at Cavallo Point in order to reap the full benefit of the BuildWell experience. Many of the most impactful conversations can happen around the outdoor fire pit after dinner or on an early-morning walk around the magnificant grounds. And because BuildWell can offer lodging at 50% of the Cavallo Point normal rate, it is an opportunity not to be missed to stay in one of the top resorts in the US.

Discounts and scholarships: We hope to be able to offer a limited number of discounted passes and working scholarships. Click here for more information.

Bring in a sponsor, get a discount! If you bring $5000 in sponsorships to BuildWell 2014, you will receive $500 off the $950 day pass rate. If you bring $10,000 in sponsorships, you will receive the 3-night hotel and conference pass for free. So if you are short of cash yourself, find a sponsor or two and come! The sponsor will also receive passes at whatever level they give.

Registration Packages
All registrations include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hotel packages include 3 nights at Cavallo Point, March 19, 20, 21, but don't include parking or additional room charges.

Registration Type

Registration Cost 

From North America Hotel Included                         
Nights of March 19, 20, 21

From North America Day Only
No Hotel

From Overseas Hotel Included
Nights of March 19, 20, 21


One Day Pass
Thursday 3/20 or Friday 3/21

Hotel-Only for $2500 and $5000 sponsors $650

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Refund policy - 60 days 75% - 45 days 50% - 21 days no refund

Submit Papers

If you would like to submit a paper on green building materials or subjects related to green building materials, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Deadline for submission is March 1 in PDF format. back to top

Start the Conversation Now!

After BuildWell 2010, it was clear that we all wanted to keep up the conversation. Technology has now made that easier than ever, and we created the BuildWell Forum for that purpose. After registering, go to the Forum and introduce yourself, pose a question, or tell us what topics you most look forward to covering. back to top


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