dsbb cover midDesign of Straw Bale Buildings: The State of the Art

Bruce King et al
Green Building Press (2006)
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Introduction and Table of Contents
Chapter 1

This book gathers within its covers the collective wisdom and experience of the most senior and respected figures in the field of straw bale construction.

The enormous environmental and energy-conserving properties of straw bale construction are now well-known, and this book is the essential reference for architects, engineers, building officials, lending institutions, and anyone else interested in building with straw bales.

If you intend to design or build with straw bales, just hand this book to your design team, and they’ll have everything they need. And if your building inspector needs information, this book provides answers. While there are many lovely picture books on straw bale houses, this is the book that shows how to it right, and why.

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