BuildWell 2016 Blew Us Away... again

Thank you everybody - participants, sponsors, speakers - for making BuildWell 2016 another resounding success. Again and again we hear that there is nothing out there that provides a bigger bang for the buck. Our fast-paced, information-rich, fun, mindblowing, and generally fabulous line up is the place to meet the folks leading the charge on low-carbon, healthy building materials.

Sponsor Opportunities 

Anybody can say "Moo" to the herd...
you want to be heard by the folks leading it.

Our sponsors tell us that BuildWell provides more solid leads and better marketing value than much larger conferences and events. That's because the people in our room are the ones who are influencing the design/build/specifying community from the cutting edge.

You want to be out in front of the curve with the industry's thought leaders, and this is where you can meet and interact with them on a level unheard of at larger, impersonal events. Anybody can say "Moo" to the heard, we think you'd do well by having in-depth conversations. Make the personal connections that drive your brand's success at BuildWell.

BuildWell 2016 Keynote Speakers


Janine Benyus, Biomimicry, inspired us with the possibilities humans can gain from taking cues from how Nature builds, shelters, and teaches. Paul Hawken brought his lively take on the importance of working together to meet the challenge of global warming. Ed Mazria, Architecture 2020, brought his powerful message that our place in meeting the carbon reduction challenges today is vital. Buildings must become carbon sinks! And John Warner, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, helped us understand that chemistry and building materials don't necessarily have to be toxic. In fact, he's proving that green chemistry is having a huge impact today.

BuildWell 2016 Topics

  • State of Waste and Resource Opportunity
  • Ultra Low Carbon Materials: Natural building goes mainstream
  • Around the World in 90 Minutes: Green building developments around the world
  • The Science of Healthy Buildings
  • Health and Wellness: Imagine non-toxic buildings
  • How Do We Know? Tools to help us figure it out
  • Speed Dating: 5-minute pitches from participants
  • Reducing Embodied Carbon in Buildings and Materials
  • Going Big League: Getting to scale - the good, the bad,and the ugly
  • Build Well - Rebuild Better: Developer's perspective
  • BuildWell Village: What's next?