Rebuild Green Coalition


EBNet is like that useful pickup truck on the property. Not a daily workhorse, but ready to jump into action.

That's what we did, along with a growing list of collaborators, in response to the disasterous fire storm that swept Northern California in October, 2017. When the smoke was finally cleared, what was left was a gigantic challenge. Thousands of critical housing stock lost, entire neighborhoods gone and people displaced. Our first question was: "How can we help?" Then: "Who do we need to talk to?"

The answers have been coming into focus quickly. We asked a number of folks to dinner to brainstorm. What happened next is truly inspiring. We filled a room at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts with 50 people from all aspects of the challenges ahead. We came up with some great ideas, but more importantly, the group decided to stay engaged, to keep working forward, to meet again and again, if necessary, to become an incredible resource and education center for greening the rebuilding process.

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Core Concepts in Development

ADU's and Zoning
Building Materials
Community and Planning for People
Energy and Building Performance
Resilence - designed to bounce back faster and better
Temporary housing


Ecological Building Network
Design AVEnues
USGBC Redwood Empire
Sustainable North Bay
AIA Redwood Empire

A few of the participants include:

350 Sonoma
AIA Redwood Empire
Archamy Consulting
Arkin Tilt Architects
California Community Lender, Inc.
California Straw Building Association
Citizens' Climate Lobby
DSA Architects
Habitat for Humanity
Hammond Fine Homes
Healthy Building Science
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Leger Wanaselja Architecture
McGlashan Architecture
Natural Investments
New Avenue Homes

Pacific Gas & Electric
Siegel & Strain Architects
Sonoma County Offices
Sonoma Transportation Authority
Van Meter Williams Pollack


 Key Workshop Findings