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  • Economic - energy, water, and other efficiencies don't necessarily cost more, and yet, most pay for themselves within a few years and offer significant savings in long-term operating costs. In addition, efficiencies in construction can actually reduce building costs, and incentives can often provide even more savings. (PG&E and Sonoma Clean Power are developing incentives for homeowners rebuilding after the fire, and will be sharing them at the EXPO.)

  • Health - homes designed to provide good indoor air quality and non-toxic materials are healthier for people and other living things.

  • Resiliency - making sustainable and renewable choices, such as micro-grids, batteries, water reuse systems, and more, make neighborhoods and communitiies more likely to withstand fires, earthquakes and other potential threats with less disruption and faster recovery.

  • Environment - making sustainable choices is good for the planet.

Education and Exhibits:

  • Rooftop solar systems

  • Passive deisgn principles
  • Why 100% electric?

  • Fire-resistant building materials and methods

  • Healthy homes and interiors

  • Grid-friendly new homes and neighborhoods

  • Defensible, drought-tolerant landscapes

  • Find the professionals who can help you
  • ZNE/energy-efficient home design

  • Battery storage for homes

  • Electric vehicles

  • Financing green building

  • Accessory dwelling units

  • Safe, healthy and delicious induction cooking demos, come and taste!
  • Water efficiency indoors and out
  • Meeting new building codes and beyond

And More...

  • Hackathon - bring your home designs and get help with making them more sustainable
  • Meet the vendors, suppliers, designers, builders who are committed to helping you rebuild

EXPO Organizers

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 Presentations from the EXPO