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Sometimes you just have to get everybody together in the same room! EBNet has hosted several international conferences because they are the most effective means of sharing knowledge, fostering thought leadership, and making impact. read more


Sometimes the only way to obtain the technical information needed by designers, engineers and (especially) building officials is to provide it ourselves. EBNet conducts research when the need for answers is clear and pressing, and there's no one else around to do it. read more




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Why work with standards? Isn't that, um, boring? Yes, but industry standards often prove to be a big lever for causing the right (or wrong) things to be done in a very broad scale. read more


Disaster Relief

The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 left millions without shelter. EBNet responded by developing a building design that uses earth and other indigenous resources that provides safe, affordable housing long after the relief dollars stop flowing. This concept can be applied anywhere in the world. read more

Straw Bale Code Support

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EBNet is providing the repository for supporting documents for a proposed appendix on straw bale construction for the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC). read more


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