Sometimes you just have to get everybody together in the same room. EBNet has hosted several international conferences because they are the most effective means of sharing knowledge, fostering thought leadership, and making impact. We often hear from past attendees that our conferences sparked an idea, inspired a new line of inquiry, provided an introduction for further work or renewed commitment to building well. In fact, because a Google employee attended BuildWell 2010, has stepped up to support product transparency in the next LEED standards. And BuildWell 2010 was instrumental in inspiring Google's "Go Green" initiative in its own facilities. The next BuildWell Symposium is tentatively scheduled for Spring, 2014.

In addition to conferences, we have found that just getting a small group together over informal meals is a great way to share deeper information. Often we have researchers or architects from all over the world visiting the Bay Area, and we will host small "Salon" evenings for them to share their work and build new collaborations.

BuildWell Symposia



Scheduled for March 19-22, 2014 at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, BuildWell 2014 is about materials - the stuff we use to make buildings and building products. We share ideas, gain inspiration, and make connections. Join international green building leaders practicing great science, great design and great building, as we forge a path to deep green architecture without all the strange chemicals and buring fossil fuels. Click here for more information


BWlogo2010In January, 2010, more than a hundred of the world's leading innovators gathered for the first BuildWell Symposium at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, California. The excitement generated there revealed the need for deep green leaders to meet and spend time together in an intimate venue. The impact continues to be felt as word spreads and participants ask when the next BuildWell will take place, eager to be on the invitation list.

BuildWell 2010 participantsHere's what they said about it:

BuildWell was the best symposium I've been to in years. For me, gatherings are mostly about connections, interactions, and networking, and the program was just right: offering enough technical content to be engaging and enough philosophical discourse to be inspiring -- plus enough time between sessions to carry on meaningful conversations. I have to go back quite a few years to think of an event where I've had more fun. - Alex Wilson, Founder and Executive Editor, BuildingGreen, LLC, publisher of Environmental Building News and GreenSpec®

BuildWell 2010 amassed an untouchable roster of speakers and participants. It offered a truly fresh view of the future, one of humans as participants in the ecology of planetary well-being. - Pliny Fisk, Founder and Co-Director, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems.

BuildWell 2014

We have scheduled BuildWell 2014 for March 19-22, 2014 at Cavallo Point. For more information or to register, click here.

2001 International Conference on Ecological Building Structure

2001 participantsAttended by 120 green building experts from 15 countries, this conference resulted in the creation of an international network of academics, designers, builders, and engineers who continue to collaborate in their shared goal of reducing the impact of buildings on the environment. The conference papers are still in demand and are available within the BuildWell Library. Click here for the list of papers, you will find them all in the BuildWell Library.

Here's what said about it:

"One of the most inspiring events I have attended, substantially advancing international cooperation in the field of sustainable design. Particularly impressive was the standard of professionalism and detailed technical information." -- Tom Woolley, Queen's University, Belfast Ireland

"Never has such a knowledgeable and far-reaching group of experts been assembled under one roof. This conference was truly a unique and valuable experience." -- John Straube, University of Waterloo, Canada



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